About Berner Bane

Berner Bane

Meet Berner Bane, the world's friendliest Bernese Mountain Dog!

He may be smaller than your typical Bernese Mountain Dog, but what he lacks in stature he makes up for with his fun-loving positive attitude, kindness and strong moral character. 

Bane really was the runt of the litter and the smallest of the pack. He was not anyones first choice due to his size. However, this didn't deter Winston and Julia. Their favorite stories are underdog stories, and when they saw Bane for the first time they knew there was no other dog for them.

Bane has brought such happiness into their lives that they wanted to share this with the world. Together they decided to write a Children's Book series which would reflect the joy they experience every day they share with Berner Bane. 

While the Berner Bane book series, The Adventures of Berner Bane the Bernese Mountain Dog, is a work of fiction, the character of Berner Bane is very much real! See for yourself by visiting his instagram page @bernerbane below!


Winston is a quiet man who enjoys spending his spare time playing with his best friend, Berner Bane. 

From the moment he picked Bane up, held him in his arms and let Bane bight down on his finger, he knew that Berner Bane was the dog for them.

Every day, before the sun rises, they go on their early morning walk together and when they get back home Winston prepares his food.

During the day when Winston is working, Bane loves to sit outside on their balcony and watch the clouds roll over the sky.

Dogs truly are a man's best friend.


Julia is from a country very far away where large dogs are not a common sight or a common pet.

As long as she could remember she wanted a big dog to hang around the couch with. She wanted one so badly that she didn't even ask Winston before sending the deposit to Friendly Dog Farms!

Once she saw Berner Bane she fell in love (again - sorry Winston). She picked Bane up in her arms and could not wait to get back home. 

Julia and Bane love to go to the dog park together so that Bane can play with his puppy friends. She is always excited to surprise him with new treats and toys.

This is why Bane is a bit of a mommy's boy.

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